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shawn & hannah: married

miraculously, it was a mild winter afternoon with a slight breeze and even a bit of sun as the clouds parted to reveal it setting.  shawn & hannah were so laid back and clearly excited that they were finally going to be married.  we got to start the day out by doing pictures, which can i just say i love?  when you see the pure giddiness and anticipation of the bride and the way she grabbed her groom like she was never going to let him go…it’s so so worth it.  at one point, shawn (who is notorious for not liking his picture taken) said, “this is actually fun.  i thought this part was supposed to suck”.  which from a groom, i will take as a huge compliment. i may also consider making it my new tagline.   “the sharalee prang photography experience.  it doesn’t suck”.

it was so encouraging to see some of the men in the family in reflection and prayer before the ceremony…

…um, or not.

thank you shawn and hannah for inviting me into your wedding day.  it was so sweet and romantic – you two are a great match!

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4 Comments to “shawn & hannah: married”

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  2. colleen says:

    …wonderful adorable!

  3. Beth Mans says:

    Gah!! How beautiful is my sister? LOVE these Sharalee! Oh boy. You captured everything so perfectly. Love the picture of the guys on their iphones. You are a wonderfully talented woman!

  4. Lydia says:

    Gorgeous photos!!