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welcome to my home! i hope you take a few minutes (or an hour) to look around and get acquainted with me and my work. have questions?  want to book a session? grab a coffee to talk about life and child-rearing?  drop me a line.

one quick thing…i’m trying to be a bit smarter about how much work i take on.  i want to take great care of my clients and my family & friends and part of that is being wise about where/why/how i invest my energy and time.  truth is, i want connection, i NEED connection.  and my work is a huge part of that.  being an artist (oh gosh, i have such a hard time saying that, but it’s true, so i’m going to own it), when i work with you, we are creating something together, which in my opinion requires an emotional connection.  so if you are looking for something more than just someone to show up, do their job and leave, then let’s talk.  this is a partnership and i want to invest in you.  in order for us to create the kind of image you see on my site, i will also need you to be open, willing to put yourself out there a little and to trust and invest in me in some small way.  if this sounds like something you’re up for, let’s dance.framed pictures for about me

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