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miss ev

there’s something about walking into a home where a new baby has just arrived.  there’s this joyful hush throughout the house (especially when it’s a first child).  everyone looks exhausted, but they’re so. happy.  and there are usually a few extra bodies hovering just waiting for an opportunity to snuggle the little.  this house was no exception.

how cute is this butterfly collage from etsy?  this little girl’s nursery was just lovely.

i’ve never seen a dad smile so much after being peed on. ever.

sleep tight, baby girl!

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3 Comments to “miss ev”

  1. What wonderful photos!

    I do thank you for the link to my Etsy profile but must tell you that the particular butterfly circle collage you’ve shown here in the nursery, is not one of mine 🙂 — It is beautiful though!!

    Best Wishes!!

  2. Oh wow…that made my ovaries sing… j/k. Amazing!

  3. katherine says:

    oh i love the bum shot. seriously. baby bums are soooo cute!!!