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mike & jamie: married

mike & jamie.  the obvious place to start with these two would be the height thing, but that’s the thing: it’s obvious.  the things that might not be so obvious to a passing stranger would be jamie’s grace and kindness or mike’s sense of humor and sensitivity.  those are the things that make them a really great couple.  the fact that he’s 10 feet tall and she’s smaller than a breadbox is just another factor that adds to their awesomeness.

we were all a little shocked to learn that jesus was such a close relative of the barnum family…

it was also grandpa’s birthday and their wedding anniversary, so we just had to throw in a few quick snaps of these two lovebirds.

i had such a fun time with you and your families and bridal party…i love that you all really know how to laugh!               all the details of the reception were so sweet, from the white hydrangeas (my favorite flower) to the “family favorites” dessert table.  the whole day was perfect!

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6 Comments to “mike & jamie: married”

  1. Beautiful photos!!! Also, do you have any idea where the girl got that grey dress????

  2. Nadine S. says:

    I’m pretty sure her bouquet is the pretties I’ve ever seen! Love all these so much.

  3. Jennifer C says:

    Awwwesome pics of Jamie and Mike.. LOOOVE it all !!! 😀

  4. Sheryl Barnum says:

    Such beautiful photos! Well done everone!

  5. katherine says:

    What a great place to get hitched. 😉