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max & whitney: married

i’m not an authority on max & whitney.  i have only met them on three occasions, one being their wedding day and one being the night before their wedding day.  but for just a moment, i’m going to speak like i know them.  because the thing about them, is that i have not only what they have revealed to me to go on, but also the words of family, the actions of friends and just a general feel for not only who they are but who they hope to be.

and both of those are amazing.

this is a couple who loves wholly, who sees the best in others and reflects that goodness back to them.  these are individuals who have built their lives around serving and plan to continue in that vein as a married couple.  they are a couple who though on a budget, looked for ways they could bless their guests through hosting a party that honored their friendships and made people want to be there.  i have never been to a wedding with that many people that felt so intimate.  during the ceremony, you could have heard a pin drop (or a phone ring…ahem) because everyone was so fully engaged.  i can’t wait to see how you two change the world.  because i know you will.

i’ve prepared a little slideshow which i would love for you to watch, but if you’d rather “scroll”, i’ve included a few images below as well (but please watch the video!).

Whax Wedding | Whit & Max | Sharalee Prang Photography


for the millions of brides/planners/parents who are wondering where/what this venue is: high country tree farm in sorrento, bc.  and yes, i will drive the 4 hours there for your weddings!!

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8 Comments to “max & whitney: married”

  1. Momma Angel says:

    I cry happy tears with spurts of laughter every time I watch. This makes me smile and my heart really happy! You have captured this day perfectly and have paired it with music that speaks from the heart of these two and how they feel. It’s simplicity is what makes it beautiful and you have helped us all relive this perfectl day again with these beautiful pictures. Thank you!

  2. Aunty Bev says:

    The wedding was absolutely beautiful and, without a doubt, one of the most emotional and personal weddings I have ever been to. It was a love filled day for a love filled couple. The pictures show just how beautiful everything was with all of it’s elegant simplicity. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Dionne says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I am a friend of Whit and was unable to make the journey across the Pacific to be with her on this glorious day. Your photos brought the simple charm and intimacy of the day to life. Thank you!

  4. Matt Hammell says:

    Ballin! You guys look great. Love that cake. You two inspire me to stay weird

  5. Ursula Hiltpold says:

    Beautiful be Blessed

  6. Sara Caldwell says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, amazing photos that captured spirit, community and the beauty of Max & Whit and their special day with family and friends. Made me smile all over again.

  7. Shirley Adams says:

    Such a beautiful wedding! Congratulations Whitney and Max.

  8. Dawn Tuininga Rajala says:

    What a fun, pretty wedding.