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mat & alyssa: engaged

the conversation went something like this:

“we decided to save our first kiss until our engagement”

“wow!  that’s a big deal”

“well…we only dated for 7 weeks, so we didn’t have to wait that long”

um…say wha???  how awesome is this!  while his pastor would like to take credit for setting them up, mat had been working behind the scenes to make sure their paths crossed after he heard about how great (and cute) this girl was.  and obviously his work paid off as the time between when they met and will say their vows comes in under 6 months.  theirs is a whirlwind love story which i am so excited to document.


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3 Comments to “mat & alyssa: engaged”

  1. [...] alyssa & mat.  mat & alyssa.  no matter how you say it, it just fits.  these two are a couple of joy filled beings who have found one another in the midst of their busy lives and are choosing to pause.  to commit.  to love.  to walk the rest of their days together.  it’s a pretty precious thing, if you ask me. [...]

  2. Sharalee, I’m obsessed with these photos. I have to look at them like 3-22x a day. I cannot wait to print them for our walls (along with our wedding photos)! They are completely us and I feel our love through them. Thank you so much.

    PS. Let’s go trespass some more swampy fields on October 5th with my husband carrying me.

  3. Shanna says:

    Absolutely stunning!!! Loved every single shot!