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mark & beth: engaged part two

so here we are again with mark and beth.  weather/schedules prevented us from doing a full shoot the first time around, but we were stressed that the giant peach was going to deflate, so we crammed in a quick session with him, even though it was raining.  oh ye of little faith!  peachy survived a whole other week and from what i’m told, is still hovering until this day.

let me just tell you that these people are amazing.  i started to get to know beth a couple years ago and my life has been blessed by her ever since.  you know those super awesome drawings my website is littered with?  you know that person who took my dream brand and made it a reality?  the one who pretty much crawled into my brain, dragged out my ideas and put them on paper more beautifully than i could have imagined?  oh yeah. that’s her.  plus she’s so fun to hang out with and my kids love her.  if you ever come over to my house, you’ll know why simon refers to her as “beff.  elephant”.

and mark…talk about one of the sweetest most genuine guys. ever.  i was suspicious of him at first, when beth told me about this mysterious fellow who lived across the country who would just fly in and out on a whim to see her. what if he has a whole other family in another city that you don’t know about?  and why does he just disappear every time i think i’m going to meet him?  ok, so he works for westjet.  and he doesn’t have a whole other family.  and he ended up moving to abbotsford and i got to know him and he’s actually really nice.

i’m glad you found one another.  you two are so. so. good together.  i am over the moon, as your friend AND your photographer, to walk this walk with you.

i love you guys!!

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10 Comments to “mark & beth: engaged part two”

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  3. Corinna says:

    Sharalee, great shots. Love the one of them hanging from the tree… she looks way shorter than him on that one, btw. Are you doing their wedding too?

  4. Wendy says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Love them all

  5. Elli says:

    Sharalee – these are fabulous. I love them. I’d say your best yet. Super great!

  6. Sharolyn says:

    Are they wearing the same denim jacket? He he. Certainly extreeemly cute.

  7. Cindy Dueck says:

    Ok this is the most beautiful couple! Wonderful photos 🙂

  8. amber WOLF says:

    great great great greeeeat great!

  9. Tanis says:

    These are the best everrrrr!!! Wow great work Sharalee!!! My favourite shoot of yours ever!!!!

  10. colleen says:

    oh my ..sweet couple ..great pics!