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mark & beth: engaged, part one

this couple has a piece of my heart.  i don’t even know what to say about them without getting all mushy.  so i’ll refrain…at least until their wedding post.

lucky for you, this is only part one!  and if mr. balloon knocked your socks off, just wait until you see what’s in store for part two…

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10 Comments to “mark & beth: engaged, part one”

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  2. Darla Sparrow says:

    Ahhh I nearly died, super cute over load!!! I can’t believe there’s a part two!! Beth & Mark, I am going to cry A LOT at your wedding, I’m sure!

  3. Wendy Delamont Lees says:

    So much fun…just like the lovely Miss Beth (and Mark, too, I’m sure–though I haven’t met him). Can’t wait for part II!

  4. amber WOLF says:

    okay! the photo of them low in the grass giggling at each other, the back and white one!! foy!! that is money!!! fantastic!

  5. Em says:

    That balloon makes for an excellent prop and adds such a beautiful element and colour to the photos. So lovely!

  6. Mary-Ann Vandergugten says:

    Awesome pictures… awesome background. I think I know where you took these… the wall is super familiar…like right outside my classroom door. Too bad the sun wasn’t shining. But spectacular pictures none the less!:)

  7. Elizabeth Ashton says:

    I LOVE THEM! The pictures are amazing……can’t wait for more!