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chilliwack family photographer | childhood unplugged: june 2017

for easter this year, the kids’ school decided to do an egg drop off of the roof of the building.  they were given the challenge and some limitations and my kids got so into it. sadly, we were in ottawa when the drop happened, but the teacher sent a video of allie’s winning design. she was so proud and was determined to keep her parachute to commemorate her big win (simon’s egg stuffed in the centre of a bag of microwave popcorn didn’t fare as well). we had some really windy days this month and a couple weeks ago she came to me asking for “those long sharp toothpicks”. not thinking anything of it i went about my business, only to find her an hour later in the backyard with packing tape, a fistful of skewers and a ball of yarn…making a kite out of her parachute.

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