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abbotsford lifestyle photography: everett’s birth

it’s hard for me to sum up this experience in words.  lucky for me, i take pictures too.

i got to photograph my first birth.  i had warned rachel that i could not commit to being there due to the busy wedding season, but i would do my best to make it there as quickly as i could after the baby arrived.  none of us were expecting what came next.

just after 8:00 on a friday morning 2 weeks before babe was due to arrive, i got a text: “in labour”.  i arrived at the house about 40 minutes later and she was in the final stretches.  problem was, her husband grant wasn’t home from work yet. he had left for vancouver early that morning and since no one expected this baby to come so soon, he wasn’t even sure she was in labor when he got the first call.  the midwife said later she could tell rachel was subconsciously holding on so grant could get there…

20 minutes later, everett arrived as quickly and quietly as labour had begun. while rachel lay in the tub, stunned at what just occurred, daddy came home and was as shocked as the rest of us that babe was here.  i’m so glad that i was able to make it in time so that grant has the pictures to look back on.  thankfully rachel had an amazing team of women, between her midwives and her doula, so she was fully supported through the whole process.

i think it took me a good couple of day to come down from the adrenaline high of witnessing this.  it was so surreal…the only time i’ve ever been in a room for a baby’s birth was with my own, so it was strange when i was back home by lunchtime with no babe in my arms!  thank you rachel and grant for inviting me into this process with you!  it was such a miracle and such a blessing for me to be a part of it.

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10 Comments to “abbotsford lifestyle photography: everett’s birth”

  1. I think black and white was required for these moments. Just amazing. I am getting all teary.

  2. Chris Muncey says:

    Brings back memories of our 3 homebirths…

  3. katherine says:


  4. Emily says:

    Amazing!! These shots are awesome! 🙂 what a priceless experience! Now you know why I’m hooked! 🙂

  5. Sara says:

    Oh my Word!!! The look on Dad’s face is PRICELESS!!! Amazing shots! You continue to astound me!

  6. Esther says:

    Beautiful pictures! Brought tears to my eyes…just beautiful.

  7. amber WOLF says:

    oh MY!! amazing amazing!

  8. Darla says:

    Beautiful! Wonderful!
    Daddy is so lucky you made it and these will take a great second best to being there!

    So it begins, you know you’re already booked for ours right?

  9. Kevi Zupancic says:

    these are amazing!