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music monday: eighth edition

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

i have to admit, i was kinda prejudiced against this band when i first heard about them because i really didn’t like their name.  i know, i’m ridiculous.  but after hearing their music on multiple occasions through different sources, they’ve won me over.

**warning** this post is about my faith.  so if you’re kind of like “hey, i like her photos, but don’t really want to hear about her personal life” you might want to skip this.

i am being made new.  something which i am, everyday, grateful for.  because the thing is…i’m messed up.  i’m jealous and petty and annoying and deceitful and impatient.  i fail my family.  i screw stuff up.  all the time.

i have days like today when something (which does not need to be outlined here) frustrates me and instead of moving on, i dwell and stew and think ill thoughts and develop that heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach.  and that now makes it MY problem, which it never was in the first place.  and so, i put this song on replay and i listen over and over until it starts to sink in.  i am being made new.  i just need to choose to walk in the grace that has been offered to me.  and in that grace, i can be patient and loving and self-controlled and gracious in return.  what a sweet deal.

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