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Chilliwack Barn Wedding in Winter

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

dusty & naomi’s chilliwack barn wedding

these two met a couple of years ago and quickly fell for each other. they shared a lot of the same values and even though they lived on opposite sides of the continent, things were moving forward. the timing wasn’t right, though, so they parted ways, much to the chagrin of naomi (and his mom who shared at the reception that she prayed for them both every day, hoping that at some point they would make their way back to one another). and they did. they were reunited this past year and dusty didn’t waste anytime making his intentions clear. within 6 months, he had moved to british columbia and we found ourselves here…on her family’s property on new year’s day, surrounded by snow and sun, a pile of canadians and a bunch of texans celebrating together. it was crisp and cold outside, but the renovated barn was cozy and warm and the party lasted well into the night.

if you have six minutes, please check out the slideshow (i’d encourage you to watch it full screen, if you can ;)!

this wedding was extra special to me because not only did it take place in my very own little town of yarrow, but the bride’s family is extra special to me – i even did their family photos back when naomi was still in high school. i love it when i get to celebrate with families that take me in as one of their own!

Bride getting her hair done Chilliwack wedding in winterBridesmaid getting readyFlower girls getting ready for the weddingGroomsmen helping groom get dressedGroom getting his Moore's suit jacket on Bride getting dressed by her mother and sisterBride and groom in the snow in ChilliwackBride and groom in the winter snow in ChilliwackBride and groom in the snowChilliwack Barn wedding receptionWedding dance at Chilliwack barnWedding decor candles in a barnVenue: Family Barn | Bride’s Dress: Champagne and Lace | Groom’s Suit: Moore’s Clothing | Flowers: The Bouquet Farm (the bride’s sister!) | Hair & Makeup done by friends | Jewelry: handed down from mom and grandma | Beer: Raven’s Brewing | Caterer: Simply Savory | Decorations made and hung by their family and friends



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Little White Chapel Chilliwack Wedding

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Walking into the Little White Chapel, there was a feeling of warmth…the majority of the guests were family and they were all buzzing with excitement in conversation, laughter and even a few tears. The light was streaming through the windows on a crisp fall day as the pastor teased Dale about taking so long to propose and the best man’s sweaty hands became the butt of the joke when it was time to exchange rings. Most of all there was a deep sense of joy in the room. Dale and Jessica love to laugh and have fun together and their Chilliwack wedding fit them to a tee.

Bride and bridesmaids getting ready Bride and bridesmaids getting readyChampagne and Lace Wedding gownBride and bridesmaids getting readyBride getting dressedGroom gets gift from bridegroomsmenFirst look at Chilliwack Corn MazeFirst look at Chilliwack Corn MazeFirst look at Chilliwack Corn MazeGroomsmen at Chilliwack Corn MazeBridal party at Chilliwack Corn MazeBridal party at Chilliwack Corn MazeBridal party at Chilliwack Corn MazeFirst look at Chilliwack Corn MazeWedding portraits at Chilliwack Corn MazeWedding portraits at Chilliwack Corn MazeWedding portraits at Chilliwack Corn MazeWedding portraits at Chilliwack Corn MazeWedding portraits at Chilliwack Corn MazeChilliwack Wedding Photographer

One of my most favourite things about this wedding was that their cousin was following along, documenting each scene as it unfolded with pen and paper…she drew the wedding. It was so fun to check in with her every now and again to see the details coming together. I hope I get the opportunity to see the finished product someday!

Chilliwack Wedding PhotographerChilliwack Wedding PhotographerChilliwack Wedding PhotographerChilliwack Wedding PhotographerChilliwack Wedding PhotographerLittle White Wedding ChapelLittle White Wedding ChapelLittle White Wedding ChapelLittle White Wedding ChapelChilliwack Wedding PhotographerChilliwack Wedding PhotographerChilliwack Wedding PhotographerHope Wedding PhotographerChilliwack Wedding PhotographerHope Wedding PhotographerHope Wedding PhotographerChilliwack Wedding Photographergroom gift engraved watchHope wedding portraits by the riverchampagne toastHope wedding portraits by the riverHope wedding portraits by the riverHope wedding portraits by the riverHope wedding portraits by the riverHope wedding portraits by the riverChilliwack Wedding PhotographerHope wedding reception decorReception decor chalkboardHope wedding reception decor and fur stoleHope wedding reception decorChilliwack Wedding PhotographerHope wedding reception first danceHope wedding reception first danceHope wedding reception father daughter dance

Ceremony: White Album Wedding Chapel | Reception: Hope Golf Club | Dress: Champagne & Lace | Hair: Montana’s Bridal Hair  | Bride and bridesmaid’s bouquets: Quik Farm Florals | Bride’s Jewelry: Olive + Piper | Beer: Old Yale Brewing | Second Shooter: Jennifer Foik

If you are planning a Chilliwack Wedding, send me an email as I would love to chat with you about your photography needs.




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Chilliwack Lake Outdoor Fall Wedding

Sunday, November 12th, 2017


Groom and Bride walk barefoot on beach at Chilliwack Lake Wedding

There are some love stories that don’t fit into tidy boxes; the path wasn’t clear, the trail hadn’t been forged.  There are some love stories that are complicated, that face challenge right out of the gate and don’t necessarily have a “honeymoon” period. While these stories may be hard for those looking from the outside in to understand or relate to, they are the ones that are forced to rely on a solid foundation, the ones where a choice has to be made very early on to stick with it, to look beyond infatuation and romance…to really and truly choose love.

Jesse & Stefanie’s story fits into that category and as we sat in the coffee shop and she shared some of the challenges they were facing only days before their planned wedding, tears streamed down my cheeks hearing the ways they were choosing to honour one another, the people who were sticking by them and even as their future was uncertain, the fact that they were committing to each other…that was not negotiable. Which in my estimation, is cause for celebration and that is exactly what their day was. They had only their closest friends and family gather on the beach of Chilliwack Lake; no wedding party, no flowers, standing on a rug that belonged to her grandparents, they said their vows with their loved ones and the mountains as witnesses.

There are some stories that I can’t believe people would choose me to document and I am daily humbled by their invitation to join in on even a portion of their journey. If you need someone to tell your story, especially if your love might be unconventional or doesn’t fit in a box, please don’t hesitate to contact me – I would love to talk to you and hear more about who you are and who you love.

Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park




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Whistler Nita Lake Lodge Wedding

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Some of Ryan and Ashley’s goals were to make their wedding feel like a getaway for people, to highlight the beauty of British Columbia and to have a wicked awesome party. His family was coming in from Ontario and love to ski, so Whistler was a natural choice and Nita Lake Lodge was the most beautiful backdrop for their (OUTDOOR) ceremony (IN MARCH). We might have frozen our bottoms off, but it was totally worth it as the sun shone through light snow while she walked down the aisle. The bond these two have seems to come easily…they can tease one another one moment and be lovey dovey the next. One thing is sure, they know how to have fun together, which I think is a pretty fantastic foundation for marriage.

Last thing – I also (not so secretly anymore) want to be the fourth sister in Ashley’s family. At the very least I’m hoping they will give me a nickname, so…fingers crossed.

Whistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding Photographer

Just a quick note: this sword has been passed down through the bride’s family since 1902 and has graduated from being used to fight in the British Royal Horse Guards to…cutting wedding cakes.

Whistler Wedding PhotographerWhistler Wedding Photographer

Venue: Nita Lake Lodge, Whistler | Planner: Jillian Dickson | Dress: The Dress Theory | Suits: Indochino | Bride’s hair: Natasha Trottier

p.s. I shot Ashley’s sister’s wedding in Kelowna at Summerhill Pyramid Winery in 2015…this may give you a clue as to why I love their family so much.







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fort langley wedding: hannah & justin

Friday, November 11th, 2016

justin and hannah met in the community living project that they both called home.  he had his eye on “the new girl”, but she was otherwise attached, so he exercised patience and waited until the right time to pursue her.  and once it was right, it was right. they had lots in common and worked hard to create a solid foundation in their relationship, dating for a couple of years before making the decision to be married.

the way they speak to each other is very tender – they are both gentle and don’t love having all the attention focused on them (though you wouldn’t have known that from the PDA show they put on at the reception ;).  i have a soft spot in my heart for these two and know they have an incredible future ahead of them.

fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_753fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_754fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_755fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_756fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_758fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_759fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_761fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_762fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_764fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_765fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_776fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_768fort-langley-wedding-bride-getting-ready_766fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_769Fort Langley Wedding bride getting readyfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_770fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_772fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_773fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_774fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_778Fort Langley bride being prayed forfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_780fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_781Fort Langley groom getting readyfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_783fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_784fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_785Fort Langley Bride Groom first lookfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_787Fort Langley Bride Groom first lookfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_789Fort Langley Bride Groom first lookfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_791fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_792fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_794fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_795fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_793fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_796fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_797fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_798Fort Langley Mom sees bridefort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_802fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_801fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_804fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_803fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_806fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_807fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_808fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_809Fort Langley Wedding at the fortfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_811fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_812Fort Langley Wedding bridesmaid cryingfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_814fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_815fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_816fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_817fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_818fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_819fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_820fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_821fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_822fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_823Fort Langley wedding lavender recessionalfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_825fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_826fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_827fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_828fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_829fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_830fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_831fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_832fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_833fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_834fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_835Fort Langley wedding groom smokes pipefort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_837fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_838fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_839fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_840fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_841fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_842fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_843fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_844fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_845fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_846fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_848fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_849fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_850fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_851fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_852fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_853fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_854fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_855fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_856fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_857fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_858fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_859fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_860fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_861fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_862fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_863fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_864Fort Langley Wedding bride and groom in the forestfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_866fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_867fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_868fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_869fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_870fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_871fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_872fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_874fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_875fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_876fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_877fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_878fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_879fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_880fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_881fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_882fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_883fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_884fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_885fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_889fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_886fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_887fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_888fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_892fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_893Fort Langley Hall wedding receptionfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_890Fort Langley Hall wedding receptionfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_895fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_896Fort Langley Hall wedding receptionfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_898fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_899Fort Langley Hall wedding receptionCartems donuts wedding receptionfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_902Fort Langley Hall wedding receptionfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_904Fort Langley Hall wedding receptionfort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_906fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_907fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_908fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_909fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_910fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_911fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_912fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_913fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_914fort-langley-wedding-photographer-sharalee-prang-photography_915Fort Langley Hall wedding reception

ceremony venue: the orchard at the fort | reception venue: fort langley community hall | dress: truvelle | suit: indochino | flowers: mint & moss | donuts: cartems


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chilliwack farm wedding | ian & catherine: married

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

there is something so personal about getting to celebrate a really important day in your life by holding a party in your own backyard.  it is SO much work, but so rewarding to be able to gather all of your people in a place that is so comfortable and familiar.  on top of that, it really reflect the intense value the couple places on family, which has never been as true as in the case of ian & catherine.  they are young, but have had long term friendships with most of those they have surrounded themselves with.  their wedding party was made up of people who knew them so well and were incredibly excited to see them make this commitment.  and speaking of commitments, when i asked ian about the beginnings of their relationship, he told me he knew it was her from the start.  can i also say that i love that the girls were up getting ready at the crack of dawn and the guys spent the morning shooting and eating farmer sausage?


venue: family farm | wedding coordination: the bright lights events | flowers: confetti floral | hair: taija martin | make up: hannah mckie | catering: simply savoury |  tent: phoenix tents | vintage rentals: past pieces | second shooter: alanna govenlock

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science world wedding | vancouver wedding photographer

Friday, August 19th, 2016

ryan & vankie.  these two were bursting at the seams…it was hard not to smile just looking at them.  he had to pass a few bridesmaid administered tests in order to gain her hand, but once he did, you would have been hard pressed to get him to let go.  so excited for you two and your future together!

science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_414science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_416science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_415science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_417science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_418science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_419science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_421science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_422science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_424science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_425science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_426science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_427science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_428science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_429science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_430science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_431science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_432science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_433science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_434science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_435science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_436science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_437science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_438science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_439science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_440science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_441Science World wedding tea ceremonyscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_449science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_450science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_451Science World wedding tea ceremonyscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_453Science World wedding tea ceremonyScience World wedding tea ceremonyscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_457Science World wedding tea ceremonyscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_459science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_460science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_461science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_462science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_463science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_464science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_465science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_466science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_467science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_468science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_469science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_470science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_471science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_472science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_473science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_474science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_475science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_476science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_477science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_478science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_479science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_480science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_481science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_482science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_483science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_484science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_485science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_486science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_487science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_488False Creek wedding party photosscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_490science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_491science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_492science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_493science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_494science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_495science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_496science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_497science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_498science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_499False Creek bride groom wedding photosscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_501science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_502science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_504science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_505science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_508science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_509science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_510science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_511science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_512science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_513science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_514science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_515science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_516science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_517science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_520science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_518science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_521Science World wedding reception jenga piecesScience World wedding reception decorscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_524science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_525Science World wedding reception name cardsScience World wedding reception jengascience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_528science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_529science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_530science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_531science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_532Science World wedding receptionscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_534science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_535science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_536science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_537Science World wedding receptionscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_539science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_540science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_541science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_542science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_543science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_544science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_545science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_546science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_547Science World wedding receptionscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_549science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_551science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_552science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_553science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_554science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_555Science World wedding receptionscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_558science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_559Science World wedding reception golden hour bride and groomScience World wedding reception golden hour bride and groomscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_562science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_564Science World wedding receptionscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_566Science World wedding reception golden hour bride and groomScience World wedding receptionscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_569science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_570science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_571Science World wedding receptionscience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_573science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_574science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_575science world wedding | sharalee prang photography_576Science World wedding reception shoe gameScience World wedding reception shoe gamescience world wedding | sharalee prang photography_579

venue: science world | caterer: emelle’s




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summerland cider wedding | lane & hannah: married

Monday, July 11th, 2016

the way hannah described their relationship was “comfortable” and that was certainly reflected in their wedding day.  married barefoot under a willow tree followed by a family style dinner at long tables, kids running wild, adults drinking cider and everyone dancing into the night.  it was the kind of day you didn’t want to end.

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venue: dominion cider | hair & makeup & flowers & dress & mother of cute children: aly mcrae | amazing food: brodo’s kitchen | drinks: beer by barnaby mcrae and cider by dominion

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camp qwanoes wedding | levi & janelle: married

Sunday, May 29th, 2016

they sat in my kitchen while i stood at the stove making grape juice.  they told me about the past and predicted the future, highlighting some of the struggles they have already faced and looking forward to the adventures to come.  levi talked a lot about his pursuit of janelle and she would smile and nod and blush and then in her own thoughtful way inject her perspective on their courtship.  their wedding, they hoped, would be a sweet union of tradition and fun all set in the place they met and eventually fell in love.  they wanted to honour their families and celebrate with the friends who had watched as their relationship had grown and cheered them on when they got engaged.  and they wanted everyone to relax and enjoy themselves in the beauty of God’s creation, from little cousins to grandmas and everyone in between.  as i walk through the images of this day, i feel it all.  all those hopes and wishes and plans…they were all wrapped up in this beautiful package called levi & janelle’s wedding day.

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if you are interested in talking about having me join you at your wedding, send me an email and let’s chat!


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aidan & lorianne: married | pitt meadows wedding

Monday, May 16th, 2016

the email that came through was much like many others, “i’m getting married, are you available? etc. etc” which is great, but it’s always nice to hear a bit more from my couples to make sure we will be a good fit.  so i prodded a little and she responded with a very thorough description of how they met (a high school theatre group), their first date (boston pizza) and the sweetest synopsis of their current relationship (“we spend our days working like dogs, eating gluten and corn free stir fry (he has crazy allergies), playing video games, laughing like the children we are at heart, and watching british television.  i’m sure that if he never met me he would have exploded from not laughing ever.  we balance each other out because he makes me want to do things like go to college and get a job and I bring out his silly side that just makes life more fun”).  it was right then and there that i knew we would not just be a good fit, but a perfect one.

aidan & lorianne:

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venue: burnett fellowship church & south bonson community centre | caterer: watershed arts cafe | second shooter: zaac pick

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