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vintage greenhouse wedding: chad & emilie

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

ok.  chad & emilie. so i may or may not have been privy to the fact that these two were going to tie the knot this summer slightly before it was official.  i may or may not have received a message that said “do you have these dates free?  because there might be en event we would like you to attend on one of these dates”.  and i may or may not have been absolutely, ridiculously over the top giddy with anticipation knowing that i got to hang out with these two on one of the most important days of their lives.

now enough with the may or may nots.  here’s what i know for certain: chad and emilie were meant for each other.  so totally perfect fit kind of material here.  chad is kind and and intelligent and incredibly gifted and always “stoked” about something.  emilie is beautiful and sweet and joyful and even though she’s probably the purist person on earth, has a way of saying normal things in a funny voice that makes them sound kinda dirty (it’s amazing).  as individuals they make me smile.  as a couple, they make me beam.  they both have huge hearts and love to serve.  and they are so smitten with each other – it’s just written all over their faces.  so you know you don’t even want to get me started on their day…i just need to stop talking and show you the goods.

chad & emilie chose to reserve the wedding party for family, but wanted to include a larger group of friends, so we had them meet us to take a few pictures before the ceremony.

thank you for including me – i honestly loved every moment.

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