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feed hungry people+win stuff= awesome

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

here’s the deal.  i love abbotsford.  we don’t technically live there anymore, but we both work there and that’s where our “community” is.  there are a lot of people in that city that need help.  the abbotsford food bank is serving those people and doing their best to bring hope into their lives by providing for some of their most basic needs.  they offer more than just a hamper; some of their services include dental care, mentoring, a breakfast program and education about healthy eating habits.  the food bank was hoping to reach their goal for covering the year’s expenses over the christmas season.  that didn’t happen.  so they are trying to raise it in a fun and innovative way.

enter the “No Show Family Fun Fest“.  normally, charitable organizations hold annual galas and host dinners or dessert nights with live entertainment in conference halls or hotels (these are amazing events and i am by no means knocking them).  you pay a sizeable ticket price to get in the door, most of which goes to cover the costs of putting on an event like that.  usually, very little of that money actually makes it to the organization.

the food bank had the idea to host an event like that, but make it so that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy it!  you pay a ticket price ($20 which ALL goes to the food bank…even the website was donated by these amazing people) and get to enjoy entertainment while you browse silent auction items.  there are tons of great prizes to be won in the auction: furniture, hotel stays, haircuts for the whole family, lunch with the mayor, a diamond ring, fine art and even a little something from me 🙂  not to mention the fact that when you log in and pay the entry fee, you automatically receive a raffle ticket and a chance to win a ton of other great prizes including two tickets anywhere westjet flies!!  in addition to that, the people who buy the most raffle tickets will win other prizes (luggage, jewelry, etc.).

so just to reiterate: you give back to your community by supporting the food bank and helping those in need in our city.  and not only do you get the warm fuzzy feelings that go along with helping others, you could also possibly be experiencing those warm and fuzzy feelings while lying on a beach in hawaii next christmas.  can i get a what what?  i thought so.

want to sweeten the deal?  if you log in from this moment on, shoot me an e-mail to let me know you did and i’ll be giving away a free 30 minute session.

ok, go now!  draws start march 1st!!

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