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music mondays

i love music.  i grew up surrounded by it.  as a toddler, my parents led music and drama teams that traveled the world…i got to visit places like india and holland before i was even out of diapers.  when we settled in at home, my mom taught piano lessons and us girls quickly followed suit, picking up instruments from the ukelele to the saxophone.  we grew up listening to gospel on the record player and watching all the classic musicals, even getting to act in a few once i hit high school.

all that to say, i didn’t have much of a chance NOT to love music.  and though i never lived out my secret ambition of playing in a band, i am still so inspired by those who write and create and bring the rest of us along with them on their musical journey.

my photography is also hugely inspired by music, so i thought i’d start a little weekly “segment” where i can share some music that i love in the hopes that it inspires you too!

to kick it off, i thought there was no better way to begin a monday than with a peppy little tune by this fellow i was first introduced to through a project he did with the st. james music academy.


now it’s your turn – what inspires you?

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6 Comments to “music mondays”

  1. I’m inspired by world music–especially when people around the world to make music (with a message). I believe if we understood more cultures we would be more open to all that is good. Below are 2 web addresses for one several songs done by “Playing for Change” Enjoy!



  2. Elizabeth Ashton says:

    This is a great feature! Plus, I learned things about you in that post I didn’t know. Guess I’ve found a fellow high school musical-er. Ha.

  3. wow, that was just lovely…thankyou! I love all classical music, that’s what I grew up with…Beethoven, Chopin, Bach etc. There is just nothing better to calm you down or get you up!

  4. Shari says:

    oh, I love it!

  5. Mr. Nate says:

    I love the music that you love. Therefore, I’m going to listen to Michael Bernard Fitzgerald while studying right now. You’re awesome!

  6. Darla Sparrow says:

    Today my music is this!