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mr. c: newborn

can i just tell you a little bit about this family?  they are kind and generous and hard-working…and real:

mary, i hope you don’t kill me for showing this picture.  but i love it!  because i feel like it tells a story. and let me tell you, all us mamas of three know. the. story.

while the little man was being fed, i took the opportunity to play with big bro and sis…

you may recognize that door from the last time we shot in front of it a year ago…when there were only four of them!


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4 Comments to “mr. c: newborn”

  1. jill weininger says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures. You are so blessed. Wish we all lived closer to see you more often. My mom loves the pictures so keep them coming. Love Jill

  2. Joyce Miller says:

    Wow, Sharalee, these pictures are gorgeous! I love how you captured the different ways they show affection to each other, and the baby pictures….amazing!!! Even the serious one of the son is sooo gorgeous! Love you work, as always! lvu

  3. Cindy Dueck says:

    Such a beautiful family! Congrats again Mary. Your children are so sweet 🙂