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childhood unplugged: april

spring break: bringing shrieks of joy…or pain across the nation.  i love my kids.  i really really do.  and i like the idea of spring break.  the reality of spring break, though, can be less than ideal, especially with young kids.  the ideal: let them stay up late for popcorn and a movie as a treat so that they will sleep in the next morning.  the reality: they stay up late and whine when they have to go to bed, even when it’s an hour past their regular bedtime.  the next morning they are up even earlier than usual, are grumpy, fight with each other nonstop and shoot you death glares when you suggest an afternoon “quiet time”.

so even though we didn’t have big plans to go away this year, we threw together a last minute one night “staycation”.  i googled hotels within a 2 hour drive that had a waterslide.  squamish, here.we.come.

family vacation | sharalee prang photography_616family vacation | sharalee prang photography_615 family vacation | sharalee prang photography_617 family vacation | sharalee prang photography_619family vacation | sharalee prang photography_618another family showed up after we had been there a few minutes, so i put my camera away so that i didn’t look like a creepazoid.  but i could have shot inside there all day.family vacation | sharalee prang photography_620on our way home, following google maps, i looked for the road that cut closest to the water and we ended up here.  thanks google!family vacation | sharalee prang photography_621 family vacation | sharalee prang photography_622 family vacation | sharalee prang photography_623 family vacation | sharalee prang photography_624 family vacation | sharalee prang photography_632family vacation | sharalee prang photography_625 family vacation | sharalee prang photography_626 family vacation | sharalee prang photography_627 family vacation | sharalee prang photography_628 family vacation | sharalee prang photography_629 family vacation | sharalee prang photography_630 family vacation | sharalee prang photography_631family vacation | sharalee prang photography_633this post is a part of april’s edition of childhood unplugged…head over here to check out the other amazing women who are a part of this fun project!

a couple of polaroids from our little advenutre:squamish2squamish

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6 Comments to “childhood unplugged: april”

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  2. Darla says:

    Staycation! Genius!

  3. …fabulous photos…wonderful time with family!

  4. Drae says:

    This looks like so much fun. And the shots by the water are just lovely!

  5. Karolina says:

    What an awesome adventure! And yes, I will never understand HOW is it possible to wake up earlier after staying up late???

  6. Sharalee! I am with you sista on the spring break issues! My son does the same thing. Stays up late and then gets up earlier! What’s up with that? We also did a bunch of staycation stuff. Keep them busy, busy, busy!

    Lovely images!