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abbotsford family photographer | carleigh: expectant

Monday, September 15th, 2014

there are times that i am brought to the point of speechlessness when trying to describe someone i love.  for this woman, however, i have no shortage of words.  which could be a problem.  maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_518this is a woman of honour and courage.  one of the strongest and simultaneously gentlest people i know.  she is honest.  she knows how to love fully.  she is also all too familiar with sorrow.   there is something about a person who can celebrate while being fully engulfed in sorrow and loss.  bringing carleigh to the water wasn’t just about taking pretty pictures…it was also illustrating the ability to be immersed while still breathing.  to be “in it” while still living.  to be grieving and still giving.  that’s grace.  and she embodies it.  and these little lives are going to be covered in the grace that she has received and freely gives.  hallelujah.maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_517 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_519 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_520 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_522 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_523 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_524 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_527maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_526maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_528 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_529 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_531 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_532 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_533 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_534 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_535 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_536 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_537 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_538 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_539 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_540 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_541 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_542 maternity photos in the water | Sharalee Prang Photography_543

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dave & darla: expectant

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

a pictorial ode to my sweet friends on the occasion of their second wedding anniversary:

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the jones’: family

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

in the midst of meeting brides and planning for the 2013 wedding season (oh my word, friends, next year’s weddings are going to be uhmaaaazing), i’ve had the chance to fit in a few sessions.  one of them being this lovely family that met me on a dreary day to document the end of this second pregnancy and celebrate the expansion of their family.

now i know you’re going to see the pictures and say “how can this possibly be the ‘end’ of her pregnancy”, but it’s true folks.  she’s a mere 5 weeks away and ladies (you must know that she is an absolutely delightful person and you are not allowed to hate her) she is still wearing regular jeans.  i know, i know, it took me a few moments to come to grips with it too, but like i said she is wonderful which made it impossible to be mad 🙂

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the krahn family: expecting

Friday, July 20th, 2012

on the move. i think that is the best way to describe our time together.  just when we were getting settled, it was back on the street.  up stairs. down stairs. in trees. on benches. pressing buttons. looking in windows. knocking on doors (p.s. if anyone in downtown chilliwack got nicky-nicky-nine doored early evening last week, sorry about that.  it was probably us).  this is going to be one busy mama, but she sure seems ready.  i love it.

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b-lo: expecting

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

this is my first trifecta.  i took their engagement photos.  and then their wedding.  and now…their pregnancy. i think brett will be happy if he never has to see me again, at least with a camera in my hands 🙂  that’s a lot of pictures in one year!  but he’ll have to put up with me one more time when the little peanut arrives.  and then i promise to leave them in peace. at least until the next one arrives.

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russ & kaleigh: expecting

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

we would have been remiss if we didn’t include a picture of their first baby…she’s a furry one, but will hopefully be a good big sister.

these two were so funny.  russ went on about how un-romantic kaleigh is and kaleigh insisted that if we were taking pictures of her belly, she was also going to highlight the sympathy weight russ has put on.

but under it all, they were pretty darn sweet together.  whether they like to admit it or not 🙂

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preet & suman: expecting

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

i love being able to hang out with people who aren’t used to having their picture taken.  their reactions are so genuine and they are always so delighted when it’s way easier than they imagined it was going to be.  preet had to warn me that he often feels like he’s smiling but when he sees the pictures later, he realizes he looked really angry.  so we did our best to keep him laughing and i think they both look pretty happy…agreed?  can’t wait to meet their sweet little boy!

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happy anniversary…to me!!

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

last year around this time, i was waiting with bated breath for my website to be finished so that i could share it with all of you.  i was so happy with how it turned out (which has a little to do with me and A LOT to do with my friends joe malleck: web designer extraordinaire and beth mans: illustrator to the stars…or just to me :).

and what an amazing year it has been!  my business has grown by leaps and bounds, i’ve met tons of amazing people and made new friends that i wouldn’t have otherwise and i’ve had so much fun creating.

so because you have spent the last year gifting me, it’s time for me to return the favor.  i asked all of my 2011 clients to submit a picture that they loved.  one that they wanted to grace the walls of their home.  and now you get to choose who will win a 16X20 canvas from me.

all you have to do is:

1. go to facebook.  like my page.

2. comment here after you’ve done so and vote on the picture that’s your favorite.

the person with the most votes….wins!!

now to make it a little more fun for all of you voters, i’ve called some of my amazingly talented, local vendor/creator friends and asked them to contribute a prize for YOU!!  i will be doing three separate draws for gift baskets and a piece of refinished vintage furniture, so you have lots of opportunity to win.

in order to win the baskets, i’m going to ask you to visit each of the vendors’ facebook pages and like them.  this is a must for you to win these amazing goodies.

let me tell you more about them (and follow the links to their pages)…

the orange circle (facebook): Bethany makes incredibly fun magnets and necklaces.  Everytime I see her at a fair, I can’t help but buy something.  She is also almost always smiling.  It’s true.  Check out her etsy shop!

the pink spatula (facebook): Tina is a culinary wizard.  Her blog has amazing tips and information on cooking classes!

vintage home (facebook): Colleen is amazing – she has a great eye for design and knows how to make something beautiful out of things other people get rid of.

champion jack’s emporium (facebook): This is such a sweet store and a great addition to Abbotsford’s downtown core.  If you haven’t been in to check out their huge collection of vintage clothing, you should go today!  And if you’re not in abbotsford, find them on etsy.

birch + bird vintage home interiors (facebook) Rachel and Lily are the organizers of the Fieldstone Vintage Market.  I’ve gotten to know them over the past year and they not only have great taste, but they are lovely people!  Check out their blog…they have me imagining my dream home several times a week.

opechee handmade jewelry (facebook): Monica sells amazing upcycled jewelry.  I recently bought an owl necklace from her and I get so many comments every time I wear it!  She also sells on-line through etsy.

dolcetto designs (facebook): Shari makes beautiful custom cards!  From birth announcements to wedding thank-yous…she’s the on you should call.

i will be posting pictures of all the amazing gifts you could win soon!

and now here are the 2011 client favorites in no particular order (number corresponds to the picture below it):

#1 (bride in pew)

#2 (family under tree)#3 (kids on fence)#4 (bride)#5 (holding hands)#6 (bride & groom with books)#7 (three girls)#8 (couple with tree and car)#9 (family on couch)#10 (legs.  lots of them)#11 (sisters)#12 (the dress)#13 (girls in shopping cart)#14 (curls)#15 (couple under tree)#16 (holding hands)#17 (baby girl)#18 (couple by the river)

so remember:

1. like the sharalee prang photography facebook page

2. like the vendor pages

3. comment here on which picture is your favorite.  good luck everyone!

Contest closes January 29th at 12 noon (PST).  This promotion is in NO WAY sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You will NOT be notified publicly via Facebook if you are a winner. You MUST be 18 to participate.  Prizes do not have cash value. There will be no returns/exchanges on any of the items.

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adam & bethany: expecting

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

bethany is a midwife.  she has delivered babies all over the world. this is a woman who knows birth. except from one perspective…giving it.  so now it’s her turn and she is so ready.  even as we were confirming the location that afternoon, she was drinking her raspberry leaf tea, trying to induce labor.

adam is a mountain man.  he’s traveled the planet with a bag on his back, leading people in and out of the wilderness.  he also looks like jesus.  and keith green.

together, they are perfect.  meant to be.  as is this child.

thank you for sharing this part of your beautiful journey with me!  i am so excited to see where the rest of your lives will take you.  love you both.  or shall i say three.

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jon & brittani: expecting

Friday, September 16th, 2011

it’s funny that they call it “expecting”.  because the reality is, sometimes a baby is the last thing we’re expecting.  sometimes life doesn’t seem to be living up to any of our expectations.  yet in the midst of life, there’s LIFE.  that God lets us help create.  how good is that?  and then who cares what you were expecting!

“we’re not photogenic”.  my favorite thing to hear at the start of a session.  mostly just because 99.9% of the time it’s so not true!  and i take it as a challenge to prove them wrong.  mission accomplished?  i think so.

i love and respect these two so much.  it’s incredible to see how much they already adore this child and each other and i know they are going to be amazing parents. a.mazing.  hear that?

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