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abbotsford event photographer | “in good company” long table dinner

Monday, April 27th, 2015

the goal: a family-style meal featuring a delicious seasonal menu and local wine.  an opportunity to sit around a table together, put away our phones and enjoy great conversation and good food with friends, old and new.

the outcome: everything described above and more.  this room was filled with an incredible group of generous and fun people who weren’t afraid to laugh and share.  duft and co created a locally sourced four course meal(which turned into 7 or 8 if you count the bread, palate cleansers and petit fours) that no one could stop talking about.  jack coffee brought the caffeine that perfectly complimented the desserts and warmed our bellies to send us off into the crisp spring evening.  the atmosphere (courtesy of the women of spruce collective) was inviting and beautiful and everyone left with some little gifts to enjoy at the end of the evening.  a huge success…you won’t want to miss the next one.

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sebastian: first birthday

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

it’s so hard to believe a year has already gone by since i first met him.  and this little blue eyed charmer has just gotten cuter.  we got to celebrate his first birthday at this great kids’ cafe:

his first taste of cake ever!

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fieldstone vintage market

Monday, September 26th, 2011

i had the absolute privilege of participating in the fieldstone vintage market this past weekend.  you may remember the old school market from the spring where we filled an historic schoolhouse to the brim with handmade, repurposed and antique wares from valley vendors.  the girls of birch + bird who coordinated that decided to step it up after the outcry from local shoppers who said “do it again!!”.  they partnered with the bakerview ecodairy, doubled the vendors, moved outside to a beautiful sun soaked field and put on the “must be at” event of the fall, if you ask me.  if you’re wondering what it was all about, i feel like the quote of the day came via jeremy, husband of the wonderfully talented orange circle: “this market is like a hipster vortex in the middle of abbotsford”.

rachel and lily kindly asked me to document the event and i did my best to capture the beautiful things as well as the fun moments throughout the day while still trying to man my booth.  thank you to all the vendors and everyone who stopped by – it was so fun to meet many of you who are readers and put faces to names!

here’s a video with a few of the MANY pictures I took that day: fieldstone vintage market

and a silly one of me, just for good measure.  i may or may not have jumped in front of the camera while my dear friend, gemma, was taking a picture of the booth 🙂

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ubc heritage house wedding

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

it was so sweet hearing this couple’s vision for their wedding day.  obviously it was a celebration of their own love, but they really wanted it to be a celebration of their friends and family…a party for the people who are most important to them.  so they pulled out all the stops.  they were so cute as they described every little detail and how they would all be surprises for their guests.

this bride is a grandmother (i’m sure you’re as shocked by that as i am…you can pick yourself up off the floor now) and we had her adorably rambunctious grandsons with us while she was getting ready.

what’s so special about the guy in shorts, you may ask? i was in the hotel earlier that afternoon when the bride received the call that her stepdad who had come in from out of town had forgotten to pack his pants. when her driver showed up to drive her to the ceremony, she looked at him and asked “what size are you?”.  you see where i’m going with this.  so what’s so special about the guy in shorts?  he probably just got the biggest tip of his life.

some of the big surprises the couple had planned included an espresso stand, a gelato cart, an elaborate choreographed dance, live music from an outstanding jazz band…and the list goes on.  it was quite the affair.

drumroll for the people who pulled it all together:

The band: Musical Occasions

The venue: Cecil Green Park House

Caterer: Wescadia Catering

Wedding Cake: Cakes by Meg

Gelato Cart: Bella Gelateria

Espresso Cart: Coffee Vango

Wedding Planner: Brandi from Lisa Gregory Special Events

Hair & Make-up: The OC Spa & Maryam Collahi

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mandy & trevor: married part 2

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

once again, we had to take advantage of this beautiful church, so though the sun was shining, we went back inside!

mandy has been meticulously planning all of the details of her wedding for years.  it was fun to see it all realized and so sweet to watch her delight in all of the things she had dreamt up and created.  she made all of the cookie favors as well as the meringues on the candy table (which were to die for) herself!

here’s to many more years together!

thanks to the ramada conference centre and st. thomas anglican church for hosting this lovely affair!

the cake was by christine’s creative cakes & mandy’s dress was from champagne & lace.

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mandy & trevor: married

Monday, September 5th, 2011

well, i know mandy has been desperate to see these, so i thought i would try to ease her pain with at least one instalment on this lovely long weekend.

trevor left a gift and a note for mandy to open the morning of the wedding.  surefire way to get some emotion flowing…as if there wasn’t enough already!

normally i don’t include very many ceremony pictures, but this couple was so in love with this beautiful church and wanted every detail documented…you can see why.

i hope that gives you a little glimpse into the day.  no worries, mandy & trevor.  there are more glimpses to be had.

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laura & dwayne: the reception

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

details galore.  laura worked so hard to put this day together that i just had to share them all!

the best dressed man, in my opinion (besides dwayne of course) was laura’s grandpa.  he should definitely be in the movies.

i was so delighted that you chose me to capture your day, laura and dwayne.  thank you for including me!

saar bank farm: reception site

lori’s catering: the food (highly recommended by the couple)

laura & friends: photo booth, centrepieces, wedding favors (personalized bookmarks) and more…

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alison & duncan: still married.

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

the reason this is my favorite part of the wedding day is because it’s usually the most chill/emotionally intense moment for the couple. especially if the pictures were done ahead of time.  now they’re really married.  and the stress of the ceremony and standing up in front of all of those people is over.  and they’re on the verge of the biggest party they’ve ever hosted and all the work is done (or at least now someone else is doing it!).  mostly, though, it’s the love.  the love is thick.  and i get to be the luckiest person on earth for just a moment because i get to witness it.

you were all so lovely and gracious…thanks for inviting me into your day!

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alison & duncan: married

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

ok.  where to start.  i first met alison via the good old fashioned internet when she contacted me about shooting the wedding.  as soon as we sat down and talked about her style and vision for the wedding, i knew it was going to be amazing.  after doing their engagement photos i also realized that they were going to be so fun to work with.  the day arrived and my expectations were met in the best way possible.

alison poured so much of herself into this day.  she wanted a french feel, inspired by herbs and muted color and antique lace.  she also wanted it to be different.  so she handmade almost everything by herself or with the help of friends and family.  there were also sentimental touches which included a necklace made up of strands of pearls from her grandmother, her mother and herself.

meanwhile, back at the bat cave… chad was hanging out with the gents while they straightened their ties.

and then it was time.

and if you think that was it for the beauty, never fear.  there are more to come…we haven’t even made it to the ceremony yet!

shout outs to:

chad doerksen: second shooter (a stand-up guy)

blue heron nature reserve: shoot location (they were awesome and the place is clearly beautiful)

jan martens : flowers (speak for themselves!!)

treat bridal consignment : alison’s dress (the owner is so sweet to work with)

minter and richter designs:  duncan’s ring (so so amazing and the service was excellent)

emily siebert: official bang cutter/ribbon tie-er (sister/maid of honor extraordinaire)

alison priebe: anything else that looked amazing, including the girls’ clutches (she sewed them), her veil (she made it), the boutonnieres (she arranged them), her headpiece (she assembled it)…you get the picture.

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dave & darla: married (part two)

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

i know darla’s been holding her breath for the rest of the pictures, so i won’t leave her in suspense any longer.  i had such a hard time narrowing down what to share because there were so many lovely details.  they had a whole team of little elves working behind the scenes too numerous to mention, though i know darla is thankful for every stitch sewn, balloon blown and bag filled.  her vision was simple and grand all at the same time, incorporating her love for all things bird (did i mention their last name is sparrow?) and vintage.  from the little embellishments for friends to use to make their guestbook entry unique to the massive handmade chandelier hanging above the dance floor, nothing was overlooked.  and franklyn’s beaut of a car (a 1949 plymouth special, if you were wondering) was the cherry on top…of darla’s “make your own sundae” bar complete with fresh waffle bowls.  i could go on.  but you just want to see pictures, right?

well that about wraps this baby up…if you didn’t get a look at “part one” (getting ready and the ceremony), take a minute.  it will be well worth your time.  and here is a list of all the amazing vendors who helped add to this gorgeous day:

Darla’s Dress: Action Liquidators altered by seamstress & added to by Darla / Bolero: Bonzie

Groom’s suit jacket & vest by : Modernize Tailor / shoes: Fluevoggs

Earrings: Autumn Equinox

Feather head piece for bride and bridesmaids, chains on bride’s shoulders & men’s feather corsages: Darla (check out her etsy shop!)

Cake: Darla’s dear friend Colleen Currie-Tompke  /  Cake Topper: Dear Jes (great price and fast shipping!)

Flowers: Janel Sweeny did them with flowers from her parents garden

Food: Formaggio Fine Foods / Ice cream: Birchwood Dairy /  Waffle bowls: Billy’s Delight Ice Cream Parlor

And everything else was a local thrift store find or made by dedicated friends and family.

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