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the virgins.

Monday, February 6th, 2012

have your attention?  good, because i think that’s the last time i’m going to use that word to describe these girls.  after having met them, i prefer to use words like strong, confident, beautiful, dynamic, funny, caring…women.  they are friends who had a dream.  they chose to share their lives and their story in hopes that they would encourage, enlighten and love those who are on a journey that might be similar or completely different from their own.

and at the risk of sounding crass, can i just say these ladies have serious…ok i just couldn’t bring myself to say it so i’ll say…guts??  you could not pay me enough to talk about my sex life to the world. oh and did i mention they’re not getting paid? yeah. all i have for them is a healthy dose of respect.  of the aretha variety.

you may know them from this show or this blog.  i just know them as amy, tamara, lisa & danielle.

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local grain

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

i have this friend kim.  she’s amazing.  end of story.

ok, so it’s not the complete end, but it could be because i certainly don’t need to prove it to anyone.  but i know how it’s hard to take a complete stranger’s word for it so i’ll give you a reason to believe.

she is good at nearly everything she puts her hand to.  she recently graduated from emily carr and if i told you how long it took her to master these wood working tools, you might gag a little (because it was only about a month ago that she started).  she just had an idea one day…and this is what emerged: local grain.  beautifully handcrafted wood products; signs, family trees, teething necklaces, mobiles, christmas ornaments…you name it.

and introducing my most favorite piece/concept…

kim is only going to take a limited number of “commissioned” pieces.  since i have an in, if you are interested in having your silhouette immortalized in a piece of maple, give me a shout and we can set up a mini-session to capture the perfect moment to be ingrained…like the pun?

this is my friend kim. i told you she’s amazing.  local grain will be at fieldstone vintage market tomorrow (saturday the 3rd) from 12-5.  it’s a MUST visit on your holiday shopping list!

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bethany: head shots

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

this is beth.  she is lovely.  we met several years ago when she was in school, preparing to go to india and i was working for the organization that was sending her.  here we are now in 2011, both moms trying to balance work and home.  which is why it’s so amazing that she’s started to find work in the voiceover industry.  she can do most of it from home while looking after her sweet one year old son.  she needed some updated head shots for a website she’s working on (which hopefully i can share with you when it’s up and running) and that’s where i came in!

so the next time you hear a bubbly voice coming through your radio or television, you never know…it might just be her!

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art is good.

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

one of the many fabulous contacts i made at the old school market was with the lovely debbie.

she invited me to come to the grand opening of the 4Cats arts studio here in abbotsford to document the festivities.  i had heard of 4Cats before, but had never been in one of their studios.  what an incredible place!!

i really wanted to let the kids feel comfortable and like they didn’t need to perform, so i tried to capture natural expressions instead of forcing everyone to say “cheese”.  it was amazing to see the range…from intense concentration to pure elation.

one of my favorite things about this idea is that it gives kids a place where they can totally unleash their creativity and it allows parents to take a step back and really see how artistic their kids are…while not having to worry about cleaning up the mess!!  you just walk away.  they get to do things here that you secretly dream of letting them do at home.  and kids do not disappoint, i tell you.  you would not believe what they are capable of.  i’m so excited that our city finally has a place like this and i can’t wait to enroll my kids in a class.  congratulations, debbie and your 4Cats team!

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mr. roboto

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

it was my distinct privilege to hang out with an incredible group of kids last week.  i was invited to sit in on their robotics class to take some pictures to promote the program and the materials that their instructor produces and sells to other schools.  i gotta tell you…it was sweet.  i was amazed watching these kids, some as young as nine, assemble and program their robots to complete specific tasks.  their problem solving and technical skills put me to shame!  they’re even sending a couple of teams to the skills canada competition happening at the tradex next month.

i kind of wish i could have taken my dad along – he totally gets into that kind of thing.  while everyone else came to the science fair with a baking soda volcano, i had a wooden steam powered boat.  and while everyone else was giving their husbands new belt or watch for christmas, i was in my dad’s shop making a desk out of an old door.  my dad didn’t have any boys,  but he was determined to pass on some of his skills to us girls and i’m glad he did.  especially seeing the boys we married don’t exactly take after our dad in that area…!!!

i digress.  here are some more pictures.  and be sure to go check out Gearbots and the classes they offer!

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“one” concert

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

i had the distinct privilege of being the “official photographer” for my first concert this past weekend!  our good friend, kevin boese, was releasing his new cd and hosted the best party i’ve been to in awhile in the process.  it was an amazing evening…the atmosphere was warm, the people felt like family and the music…well, it speaks for itself.

duncan africa is an amazing organization which is helping to empower students in uganda, not only by teaching them how to build guitars, but also by providing them with other life skills that will enable them to start their own businesses and be agents of change in their own villages.
kevin has surrounded himself with incredible friends, not only in life but in music and it was so sweet to see all the people who had been involved in the album on the stage throughout the night.
one of those friends happened to have a bright red keytar.  can you say “wicked awesome”?
my husband also happens to be a friend of kev’s and he kept the mood light by royally roasting kevin, the gaither band and anyone else who dared heckle him.  ahh, the life of a comedian’s wife: a good balance of pride + mild embarrassment.  thankfully kevin was amused. 

here’s a shot of him singing “mary did you know” ( i can hear you saying “no he di-n’t”, but i can assure you.  he did.)

thank you for inviting me to be a part of this evening.  it was and will continue to be an honor to watch as you step into all God has for you and is calling you to be.  i have a feeling all your friends would say the same.

“may the peace of christ go with you wherever he may send you.  may he guide you through the wilderness, protect you through the storm.  may he bring you home rejoicing at the wonders he has shown you.  may he bring you home rejoicing once again into our doors.” 
northumbrian celtic prayer
buy kev’s album here and here.  if you’re super old school, you can also find kevin in parking lots across abbotsford…rush concert t-shirt on, trunk popped, stereo blaring just waiting for unsuspecting worship music lovers to sell to.
one more note: this will be my last post on this blog!!  by this time next week, my new website should be up and running.  good timing too because google just informed me i was going to have to start paying for more space here.  i’ll be posting the official “switch” link soon, so stay tuned and get ready to change your bookmark…

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