Vancouver winter wedding | josh & krystal: married

January 9th, 2016 by sharaleep | 1 Comment »

krystal is a woman who doesn’t enter relationship lightly.  she is sweet and quiet and doesn’t like to draw attention to herself.  josh is a man of many words and knows what he wants…and he wanted krystal.  he’s very open about his relentless pursuit of her, waiting patiently at home for her to return from traveling adventures so that he could continue trying to woo her.  and for a time she resisted.  she knew that if she chose to date him, she would be doing so with the outcome of marriage in mind and that was a big decision to make.  once she made it, though, things moved swiftly and any doubts she had were removed.  their commitment to each other is emotional and passionate, but is wholly based in truth…the truth of who they are and what they believe and who they want to be together.  josh shared during the reception that he was never a crier.  he can remember the number of times he had cried on one hand.  but when he shared with krystal’s sister for the first time that he loved krystal, the tears freely flowed…and they haven’t stopped.  their bond drew this untapped part of him out and it is a beautiful sight to behold.  isn’t that what love is all about?  allowing someone to see so deeply inside of you, through facades, darkness and hardness to who you really are and then trusting them to hold that part of you with care; knowing that they can hurt you, but choosing to be open to that pain because being known and loved for who you are is a more satisfying payoff than you could have imagined.  here is a celebration of that love:

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ceremony: cityview church | reception: the earls loft in yaletown | hair & makeup: aly mcrae | flowers: the flower factory | groom’s suit: eph apparel | bridal gown: hailey paige | second shooter: jennifer foik

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lifestyle newborn photography : the zacharias family

December 10th, 2015 by sharaleep | 1 Comment »

the zacharias family.  first there was quinn…she captured our hearts in a way we didn’t expect and left us wanting so so much more, but has stayed close by to remind us what hope looks like.  second was asher…a man of few words, who is a sweet little ball of giggles and thoughtful stares and most definitely his mother’s son.  and now beck…who will you be, little love?  can’t wait to see.

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childhood unplugged: december

December 1st, 2015 by sharaleep | 2 Comments »

no one ever believes me.  they go up to the vine and say, “those look so much like kiwis!”

every year i struggle through the delicate dance of when to pick them and how long to leave them ripening off the vine, but i think i may have finally mastered it.  the only way i can get the kids to help is by promising they can keep the ones that look like butts.  you think i’m joking.

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more childhood unplugged stories here!

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lifestyle newborn photography: the bryce’s

November 16th, 2015 by sharaleep | 2 Comments »

this family.  there is so much that i would love to write, but since you likely don’t have hours to spend, i’ll give you a little background here and here.  and now we are here.  in their sweet and beautiful home, welcoming a sweet and beautiful baby into their loving arms.

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vancouver island wedding photographer | levi & janelle: engaged

November 10th, 2015 by sharaleep | 2 Comments »

one of the amazing things about this couple is their mutual admiration for each other.  they clearly see their partner as a gift…it comes out in the way they look at one another and how highly they speak of each other.  it’s beautiful to witness.

we went to the mountains together and they did not disappoint.  here is levi & janelle.

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abbotsford family photographer: childhood unplugged

November 2nd, 2015 by sharaleep | 1 Comment »

friends that are like family.

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vancouver wedding photographer | josh & krystal: engaged

October 7th, 2015 by sharaleep | 1 Comment »

i could say a lot about these two.  much of which you may hear when i shoot their wedding in a couple months.  but what i will say today is that when i look at these images, i see love.  not just the ooey gooey butterflies in your stomach feeling, but the real life “we have chosen each other and will continue to choose each other” kind of love.  because things haven’t necessarily been easy for them and they don’t know what they future holds, but they are in it.  together.  and the way they look at each other, knowing that they are each truly and deeply loved, not in spite of their shortcomings, but because of their shortcomings…ooooowee.  there’s nothing like it and to me, that is a kind of beautiful that you can’t even describe in words.

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summerland cidery wedding | mike & leslie: married

October 4th, 2015 by sharaleep | 3 Comments »

mike and leslie met at a wedding – it happens, folks!  it certainly wasn’t by pure chance, though…the wheels (aka vicki: leslie’s friend and mike’s sister) had been set in motion years prior to conjure up a way for the two to cross paths.  and once things were rolling there was no turning back.

which leads us to the cidery, the home and business they have recently acquired and the backdrop for this warm and beautiful party.  they used to host meals in their small vancouver apartment and they wanted this to feel like an extension of that…long tables, facilitating good conversation while the music, charcuterie and wine flowed.  they had raised their own chickens for the meal and served their signature cider as we listened to heartfelt speeches of lifelong friendship.  it was the kind of wedding you leave with new friends, tired feet and a warm belly.  the best kind.

music by rosie thomas, bahamas and edith piaf


venue: dominion cidery | dress: lisa’s bridal | hair and makeup: aly mcrae | tie clips: frawn | girls’ necklaces: karen rousseau | food made by couple and friends, served by: waiter on the way | dj: germany, germany | second shooter: shaleah priebe

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childhood unplugged: mt. baker hike

October 1st, 2015 by sharaleep | 3 Comments »

“we’re not really big hikers”, i said.  “it’s okay”, she said,”neither are we.”

which could either be a recipe for disaster…or a really good time.  aside from our kids eating most of the snacks in the infuriatingly long border line-up and a run-in with a terribly unfortunate (bordering on illegal) port-a-potty, it was definitely the latter.  though you can always tell if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew when those coming down the mountain look at you with wide eyes as the 6 children file by saying things like, “good for you guys!” and “wow, brave of you to start so late in the day”.

mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_467mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_468mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_469mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_470mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_471mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_472mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_473mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_474mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_475mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_478mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_477mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_479mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_481mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_482mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_484mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_485mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_486mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_488mt. baker hike | sharalee prang photography_489

see more stories of childhood unplugged here.

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chilliwack riverside wedding | mason & danielle: married

September 14th, 2015 by sharaleep | 1 Comment »

i think if you check out the sign these guys made for their ceremony, it will give you a good idea of what their community looks like.  lots of people from lots of places, all descending on mason’s riverside family home to celebrate their marriage.  it was quite the party.

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