dennis & kelsea: engaged

June 18th, 2012 by sharaleep | 3 Comments »

i had the pleasure of meeting these two at a wedding this march and was delighted when kelsea called me after she and dennis got engaged. they both live on farms so it seemed only fitting that we would stick close to home for the pictures.

i’m so excited about their fraser river lodge wedding in november!

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eva mae: new life

June 17th, 2012 by sharaleep | 7 Comments »

oh man.  possibly one of the most emotional newborn sessions i’ve ever done.  when i went back to my car after it was over, i took deep breaths and coasted between tears and pure joy.

it’s hard to describe, but when you really love people and you see them love on each other and a sweet life they helped create…there’s just something beyond beautiful about that.  then as they sat and made music together (i mean this literally, by the way, nothin kinky people!) i was overwhelmed with a sense of peace and at the same time, anticipation for what the future holds for this amazing family.  i am so beyond grateful that amber and bonner have invited me into their lives.  what a gift it is to me.

that was amber and bonner just over a year ago at their wedding and all i can say is that this baby girl will never be far from music…even as she was sleeping soundly and i was trying to get a couple shots of her on the piano, her dad couldn’t help but plunk out a melody :)

bonner and a friend made this crib while they waited for her to arrive.

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fairy tale vancouver wedding: nathan & cynthia

June 15th, 2012 by sharaleep | 5 Comments »

it was a fairy tale kind of day, the kind little girls dream of in second grade.  from the tree branch lined aisle to the pops of pink to the lanterns each girl carried.  and then they opened the door and as cynthia walked through, everyone took a breath.  the handsome prince held back tears.  it was just that kind of day.

nathan was slightly disturbed by how quickly his new bride could go from happy to deadly…

happily ever after, you two!

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steph: next steps

June 11th, 2012 by sharaleep | 2 Comments »

steph is gorgeous.  not gonna lie, when her parents contacted me about taking her grad photos , i was delighted.  but even beyond that, i’ve been recognizing more and more that i really want to pursue the things that i’m passionate about.  and one of those things is walking alongside young women. i know that it’s an awkward time in life when (at the risk of quoting britney spears) you’re considered an adult, but are still trying to identify where you fit and who you are.  i think women are incredible and complex creatures who deserve to walk forward in confidence and recognize the beauty that lies both inside of them and out.

congratulations on your grad, steph!  i’m excited to see where this life leads you.

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drake: new life

June 7th, 2012 by sharaleep | No Comments »

i was sure he was going to come when we were on vacation.  and then i was sure he would be here as soon as we got home.  but no…he waited another week, graciously giving his mama a little more time to get ready and his daddy a few more full nights of sleep.  turns out he had perfect timing.

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hycroft manor vintage wedding

June 5th, 2012 by sharaleep | 4 Comments »

sadia had a hand in every little part of this lovely day.  from all the sweet treats in the candy buffet to the “cootie catcher” wedding programs…she even kicked off her shoes and in her wedding dress insisted on helping finalize the reception tables right before the ceremony!

i’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these two over the last number of months leading up to their wedding day and was so excited to see it finally arrive:

Venue: Hycroft Manor / Buffet: Memphis Blues / Dress: Ivy & Aster / Flowers: Buckets Fresh Flower Market / Suits: Banana Republic / Cake: Some Kind of Wonderful / Flower Girl & Bridesmaid dresses: Sohomode / Dishes & Typewriter: Trove Vintage Rentals

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our family getaway

May 30th, 2012 by sharaleep | 3 Comments »

a family vacation looked like a near impossibility this year.  that is, until a delightful turn of events lead us to the last place we expected to be in may: hawaii.  and there we were.  for two. whole. weeks.  absolutely brilliant.

i was determined to ACTUALLY take time off.  which is difficult as the nature of my work lends itself to being done anywhere and everywhere.  but aside from a little correspondence and some midnight brainstorming sessions, i think i did pretty well.  i brought my old camera and one lens, but don’t think for one second that i didn’t feel like offering every family i saw on the beach a photo session.  i have become aware of the fact that i am officially addicted to taking other people’s pictures.  i was watching moments unfold all over the place and all i wanted to do was document them.  but then i reminded myself why i was there and who i was there with and set about living life with my family.  and taking pictures of them for once!

this little dude is becoming increasingly elusive when the camera comes out.  we had some chats about why i like taking pictures so much and how it was okay if he made funny faces sometimes and reminded him that though he may not like having his picture taken, he sure likes looking at himself in pictures after they are over.  so he started to humor me every once in awhile.

this girl blows me away.  she’s the best out of the three at ignoring me when i have the camera, which is just fine with me.  closer to the end of the trip she started to pose and it was freaking me out a little bit.  her “princess pose” has her sweeping her hair across her forehead with her shoulders scrunched up and her head tilted to one side.  um, yeah.  this could be problematic.

some of my favorite shots from the trip are of this one.  i am falling more and more in love with him every day.  and have probably gained more and more grey hairs in the same number of days.  you think you know what you’re doing after two kids.  and then the third comes along and is like “oh yeah?  in your dreams, lady.  in your dreams.”  but his face…would you look at that face?

and then there’s this one.  nearly every picture i took of him has the water in the background.  this man loves the water.  so my goal this year is to get him to it more often.  because if he’s happy, i’m happy.

what an amazing trip.  if you’re heading to maui and want to hear about our favorite places to visit, drop me a line!  they include the town of paia and the most amazing pizza you may ever ingest, leoda’s (best apple crumble pie), the maui swap meet on saturdays (so much good produce and a great place to get a feel for the kinds of treats you can take home with you)…the list goes on.

and if you’re heading to maui and want to bring me along to take pictures like this of your family, call me!

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derek & melissa: engaged

May 28th, 2012 by sharaleep | 3 Comments »

melissa & derek: from dead serious to hysterical giggles in mere moments.  when these two go to fort langley, they skip the shopping and head straight for the woods.  with melissa leading the way.  no shortage of adventure!

as i’m sure you guessed, they will be having an outdoor wedding up the mountainside this summer.  looking forward to it!

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stephen & andrea: married

May 23rd, 2012 by sharaleep | 1 Comment »

so much laughter.  so. much. laughter.  the whole day was infused with joy.  they even responded to the bloopers with joy, including the ring bearer running into a post right before the ceremony and the bride dripping hot wax on her arm during the candle lighting.  what a crazy, fun day!

stephen was so ready to get his bride.

…and she was so ready to be gotten.

i loved how involved the whole family was, from both the dads officiating to the moms lighting the candles and sisters reading scripture.  the value they place on their family was so evident.

apparently the first kiss also had the approval of the ring bearer.

seeing as it was a dessert only reception, a little snack break was in order at you know where…

and seeing as andrea LOVES christmas, what better way to celebrate their love than to throw a christmas party in the middle of may!

cheers to you for having the wedding you wanted – it suited you both to a tee!

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music monday: eleventh edition

May 22nd, 2012 by sharaleep | 2 Comments »

sorry i missed you all last monday!  i was busy. playing.

we’re keeping it close to home again, friends.  our dear dear friend joshua hyslop has just released his album!  we’ve been waiting awhile for this one and he’s been teasing us releasing songs over the past few months.  i had the absolute privilege of photographing josh and his beautiful woman, julia, before they were wed last summer.  my jaw still drops thinking of that evening.

without further ado, here’s josh (p.s. you know you’re famous when youtube adds a commercial to the beginning of your music video):

go buy his album “where the mountain meets the valley”.  do it now!

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